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Casio G-Shock world time watch GA-110NM-3AER

This fantastic G-Shock from the neo-metallic range mixes durability with style. The metallic green/blue coloured resin strap is securely tightened to the wrist via a stainless steel buckle clasp. The dial of the watch is secured also in a resin casing that has mineral glass to protect it from the elements. On the dial of this G-Shock watch it shows the time in digital form and also in analogue. This GA-110NM-3AER model has a world time feature, this allows the time to be changed to different times of the day from different countries around the world and can be set different to the analogue time. This epic sporty timepiece also features an auto LED backlight, this automatically lights the dial of the watch when positioned at a certain angle. Also this watch features a stopwatch function, the function measures time with an accuracy of thousandth part seconds. Signals confirm the starting/stop selection and up to 100 hours can be stored. Circulating the dial the Casio watch has stainless steel batons that indicate each hour that pass, also keeping with the colour scheme of the watch the hour hands are a dark green/teal colour whilst the tips are white. The popular G-Shock brand logo is at the top of the watch in black bold. Chapelle Reference: – 08330559

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